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Educational goals and career opportunities

•The Degree Course in Molecular Biotechnology is divided into 2 years and the student's activity corresponds to the achievement of 60 university credits (CFU) per year.

The course offers structured teaching in theoretical lessons accompanied by laboratory courses, aimed at providing the main techniques of experimental investigation and data processing in the biotechnology field.

The course is based on an approximately equal distribution of credits between biological disciplines and chemical disciplines with the addition of a small number of credits in the disciplines dedicated to professional skills.


educational objectives: this degree program aims to provide a solid cultural knowledge through the teaching of disciplines related to recombinant DNA methodologies, molecular biology, protein expression, omics sciences, systems biology, synthesis of bioactive molecules, bioinformatics, structural biology, the principles of structural and functional analysis of macromolecules.


career opportunities: graduates in Molecular Biotechnology will be able to operate in various environments, thanks to the excellent level of competence that they will also reach through laboratory and internship experiences.

In particular, they will be able to carry out research and management roles in bioindustrial productions and the various transformation processes connected to them; enter specialized industries for the needs of human health and sustainable development in general; carry out activities for the promotion and development of the marketing of biotechnological products; undertake private professional activity in consulting and control firms in the various sectors of biotechnological applications, from the more strictly industrial ones to the forensic ones, to the environmental ones.




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