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Seminario EUniWell

EUniWell Seminar focusing on RNA and protein binding and viruses | 7 giugno ore 16-18 CEST

EUniWell Research Collaborative Network Seminar focusing on RNA and protein binding and viruses, on 7<sup>th</sup> June 2021 from 3 – 5.10pm (16.00-18.10 CEST, ndr)



3.00pm, Seth Cohen, University of California San Diego - MetalloFragments as Covalent Inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease

3.30pm, Jane McKeating, University of Oxford - Viruses, RNA and Oxygen

4.00pm, Short break

4.10pm, Harald Schwalbe, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt - Targeting the SARS Genome and Proteome - NMR-based fragment screenings

4.40pm, Roland Sigel, University of Zurich - Regulatory RNAs and their interaction with cofactors

5.10pm, Close


EUniWell is a new partnership between 7 European Universities. This Research Collaborative Network is one of its flagship initiatives and seeks to explore the design, biochemical action and biomedical activity of new agents (particularly, but not exclusively, metal-containing molecules and nanostructures) that target unusual DNA or RNA structural motifs relevant to cancer and viral disease. It is led by: Professors Mike Hannon and Zoe Pikramenou at University of Birmingham, Professor Sylvestre Bonnet at Leiden University and Professor Luigi Messori at Università degli Studi di Firenze.


All EUniWell researchers and staff are welcome. Please register using the Eventbrite link. Joining details will be circulated via email to registered attendees prior to the event.

31 Maggio 2021
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